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$60 Gift Card

Color: Gift Card 60
This gift Card is for $600, price is 53.10 plus 6.90tax will be automatically added at checkout=$60 You MUST select "in store pickup" as your delivery method or our system will automatically charge you shipping. This product will be sent to you by email.
This gift card is valid on all www.RosieTheRebel.com products online and all Rosie The Rebel products in store, it is not valid on the Rebel Love Collection in store as this is a separate company. Once purchased you'll be emailed a Gift Card Promo code for the $60 value on a Printable Gift card image. Please give 24 hours for this file to arrive as we have to custom make them for each customer.
This Coupon code Gift card must be used all in one purchase (e.g. $79 dress plus tax and shipping=$102 and all the gift card is used, $12 belt plus tax and ship =$25 and the coupon code will expire. In this case you must contact us so we can make you a new code for the remaining $45 value not used, it is best to use all at once)
The gift card code can be used in store as well for locals. The customer may bring in the print out, or give us your unique gift card code and we can process your order with this.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
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